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New distributed title:

Continental “Automne Boreal / Flamme Victorieuse” pro-tape

Two tracks of stately and ardent symphonic black metal from this new band hailing from Quebec. An impressive first offering from Continental, the songs are driven by powerful euphonious synth lines, punctuated smartly by graceful drumming and feature striking vocals that alternate between demonic howling and divine chanting. The sublime dark atmosphere recalls the early days of bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus and Ulver, though this demo makes its own unique, genuine mark in a genre all too flooded by pastiche and imitation. It is worth noting that the band shares members with Pâlemort, but Continental easily stands entirely on their own merit.

Released by Forensic Diatribe, distributed by CW Productions. Pro-tape with gold shell printing and cardstock cover.


New release:

Cirrhus "Identical Hallways" pro-tape

“Identical Hallways” contains early versions of songs from the upcoming LP entitled “Unimpeachable Madness”, to be released by CW Productions. Captured during a time of transition for the band, this previously unreleased session from the fall of 2011 was pulled from our archives to mark the 10th anniversary of Cirrhus.

Cirrhus formed in the fall of 2007 during a time when Furdidurke had become dormant and in between the two sessions of Grand Mood. Cirrhus initially arose as a channel for the compositions of CW, with members Poisoner, Kinvig and Bizarre Culprit joining over time, each adding their own strong contributions and forming the first full incarnation of the band. This tape represents the end of that phase of the band, marked by lineup changes after the recording of the first LP. It is also the beginning of the next era, with new songs being recorded during this session for the first time. One of the constant themes of Cirrhus since the beginning has the been the exploration of the infinitesimal, the occult regions beyond the range of normal existence and the hidden sounds revealed between notes. This recording reflects that in its “microscopic” style sound and is a statement about both the past and future of Cirrhus.

Limited one time pressing on professionally made cassette only, once again featuring inspired artwork by Bilious Pious.

No trades or wholesale on this release. Darker Than Black will stock a few copies for Europe.


Cirrhus CD out now.

Cirrhus' self-titled album from 2013 has been released on CD by Finnish label Bestial Burst. Contains an updated layout, one new piece of art (on the CD face) and a new master by label boss Harald Mentor. Copies are available through CW Productions and all distributors of Bestial Burst titles.

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New distributed title:

Nefaria "Soldiers of Dual Victory" pro-tape

Five song demo presenting live rehearsal versions of songs from the upcoming Nefaria full length. For the first time the live lineup of Nefaria has been documented, whereas all previous releases were recorded by Moxibustor alone; the live session members make strong contributions on vocals and drums, allowing Moxibustor to focus solely on guitar for this release.

These recordings mark the beginning of a new era for the band, showcasing an intricate melodic style honed by many live shows over the past few years. Recorded the traditional way straight to cassette and mastered by C. Thompson, this is the best sounding Nefaria recording thus far. We highly anticipate the coming debut album, which will be released by CW Productions later in 2017.

Released by Forensic Diatribe. Distributed by CW Productions.


New release:

Bagatur "Skazanie Za Drevnobulgarskoto Velichie" LP

"CW Productions is proud to present, in cooperation with Darker Than Black, a vinyl edition of Bagatur’s glorious 2010 EP. Long sold out on tape and CD, this 24 minute LP of pagan black metal symphonic art conjures an atmosphere of ancient battle and long lost European honor. This is a perfect companion album to Aryan Art’s 2015 masterpiece 'Harmony Eternity Universe', both albums yield a similar epic yet introspective tone.

Musically Bagatur touches upon raw symphonic black metal in a style reminiscent of the old synth-driven cults of Parnassus and Kristallnacht. Band leader Alexander contributes percussion, synth and guitar while vocalist Yanga conveys the archaic spirit of Bulgarian history with powerful yet feminine shrieking and spoken word passages, as well as creating all artwork, providing a cohesive spiritual offering."

Black vinyl, professionally printed jackets, A4 lyric sheet. Limited edition.

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Available now:

Cirrhus "Live Rehearsal May 2 2009" LP

"A 2009 demo rehearsal of black metal in the Cirrhus style, equal parts feral and grandiose. Some of these songs are entirely unique to this release while different versions of other songs on the release can be found elsewhere. While Cirrhus has stayed similar in overall style and attitude 7 years later, the original tape release of this is a low-key benchmark of psychotic melodic black metal that sits on its own and deserves to be heard on another format."

Limited to 250 copies. Released by Final Agony Records.

Also check the store for new arrivals from Apolion's Genocide, Black Twilight, Immorten, Pestilentia, Volahn, BHL, Order of the Death's Head, Blazebirth Hall tapes and more.


New release:

Grand Mood "The Trench Between Black and White" 12" EP

"The name Grand Mood, as the first cassette EP stated, is not in reference to a positive state of mind or a 'good' mood. The Mood is the collective headspace, the psychic pool, shared by humanity and possibly other creatures. Grand in this case means sweeping and all-encompassing. It is my belief that this Grand Mood is something that can be tapped into for a variety of reasons, be it for greater awareness and inspiration or something ugly, low, and self-serving. It gives me inspiration but it also reinforces my hatred and reminds me of the limitations of life.

Occult phenomena existed long before there were words and symbols to describe them, so to use someone else's words and imagery because it is 'traditional' or 'orthodox' is not creative and thus has no relationship to me as an individual. With this music and art we are not trying to create ideas and symbols for others to use, either. It is simply our interpretation of ideas as we have experienced them; the interpretations and experiences of others are of no consequence to us. This is ours, nothing more and nothing less.

The earlier 'Final Urge to March' cassette EP was recorded in California in summer of 2007 without pretense. I was inspired to write these songs after years of discussion with fellow members of Furdidurke and Eunuch, as well as the members of Bone Awl. The music and lyrics simply materialized. We from Furdidurke played guitars while Bone Awl members played drums and engineered the recording.

This second session was originally recorded on reel-to-reel in Washington state a few months later, January 2008, with the music being the natural continuation of the first session. The negativity that comprises so much of the Mood was already setting in and due to various circumstances the recording was not able to be released until now. 'Final Urge to March' was the first and 'The Trench Between Black and White' is the second and last. There is nothing else before, between, or after this in the lifespan of Grand Mood.

Musically, Grand Mood was inspired by ourselves and 90s No Colours Records, little else. Cold, hateful vocals over unique melodies and anthemic rhythms. 'The Trench Between Black and White' is the lifting of the psychic sword overhead, held in a statue-esque freeze, a look of wide-eyed mania on our faces... begging you, just begging, for you to put your head underneath our blade. Will we ever swing it?" - BC 6/1/2016

'It has the scent of a dog
The grip of a man
And the fate of a God'

Black vinyl, professionally printed jackets, two inserts. Limited edition.


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New release:

Cirrhus "Cruelty's Necessary Decision" tape

Tape EP of three new songs that have been a common part of Cirrhus' live sets for the past few years and will be a part of the next formal Cirrhus LP. The same strong songwriting and unique style as previous Cirrhus material under a raw and violent room recording, with new developments and no stagnation. This is the first public material of Cirrhus as a 5-piece and it is the strongest line-up yet.

Tape was released at the Cirrhus show in Santa Ana and is now available through the shop.

Additionally the distro has been updated with a small quantity of new Cirrhus shirts, as well as new tapes from Nefaria and Empire of Hate, Fullmoon rehearsal CDs and many other great items.


New release:

Grausamkeit "Satan's Addicktion & Pure Madness" DLP

Double LP version of the 2013 CD. Contains tracks from four of the best Grausamkeit demos: "Fucking Goat Horness", "Angeldestruction", "Pink Green 666" and "Helveterich". Includes 11x11 double-sided insert with original demo layouts and additional pictures. Layout by Behest.

"Grausamkeit is the first band outside of the core CW membership to have a release on this label, and if you're reading this, that alone should speak volumes about who Grausamkeit is and what he represents. Grandiose, raw symphonic black metal, self-destructive, honest and noble black metal represented by primitive means. The everything within the nothing. This is it. The greatest, the most beautiful, and mentally the worst for all the same reasons. The be-all, end-all, and that's all."- Bizarre Culprit, 2013



Distro updated. Very limited Bilirubin shirts available now plus other new items.

Subterranean "Illness of Revenge" promo tape available now.



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The new year should see releases from Cirrhus, Kestrel, Grausamkeit and possibly more.


New release:

Furdidurke "November 2005 Rehearsal" 10"

Released at the Cirrhus show on 11/21/14, now available for mail order. Limited black vinyl pressing of the 2005 tape with standard jacket and 12"x18" double sided poster.

Recorded live in November 2005 and released in different self-released editions in the years to follow, this rehearsal demo includes different versions of the songs that appear on the Bone Awl split and the Furdidurke demo, having been recorded between the two, and features only guitar, vocals, and drums. Some aspects of the sound are preferred by the band, with the recording having more space, ethereal guitar, and higher-pitched screams. Powerful melodic ideas set the prideful black metal tone for an expression that sounds like a disturbed prince leaving his palace to terrorize peasants in the wooded countryside. It is a young beast free of trends, friends, and loose-ends. It is perfect for the 10-inch format. An accompanying poster is also included, with artwork by guitarist Bilious Pious and text by vocalist Bizarre Culprit, detailing an early manifesto of the band's philosophy that appeared in select copies of "Fall to Your Knees Pissing" 'zine #5. Furdidurke always was and is for itself.




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Cirrhus: Cirrhus LP (CW Productions)  $15

Eloquent dark melodic black metal. Masculine shrieking into cold violent vocals, galloping and blasting drums, and guitar that shaves black ice into glorious monuments to a lukewarm hell on Earth. Beautiful music for the most circumspect, hate-filled, and all-knowing among us. Six tracks on black vinyl with high quality old style jackets and two inserts with lyrics and pictures. After several demos and EPs, this is the first full length album from Cirrhus.

Use the following link for samples:


EUNUCH / CIRRHUS split 7" EP repress available now

Very limited repress of the sold out split 7" from last year.
$6 + postage

"Eunuch was at its peak in 2007, but the recordings have only circulated in private until now for no other reason than a lack of urgency. 'True-blue' swarming melodic black metal recorded by true-blueblood psychics. Our warnings were sincere, the sky fell, and you did nothing to protect yourselves. You're only stubborn if you're wrong." - BC/Eunuch

Cirrhus' half is dense and mechanical but covered in a dark melodic haze with strained shouting buried inside. From the same period as the Cirrhus EP, it is protective sounding music that's far from any pro-social attitude that thinks it's right to unite people in this overconnected "one for all" world habitat. Both Eunuch and Cirrhus find equally exotic but uniquely powerful melodic ideas inside of a rough sound quality, but don't be misled... this is beauty in the most traditional sense.